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Your horse’s health and well-being can be overwhelming, especially if they are working through a health problem. Whether you are a new horse owner or long-time enthusiast you know how it feels to be worried and confused about where to find the right help when your horse needs it.

I have put this course together so that you can learn how to assess, identify and correct your horses’ health imbalances. Often times, the most effective solutions are far more uncomplicated than you think.

You are going to get all the tools here in this in-depth, comprehensive course Healing Horses Their Way.

I loved every minute of this course!

There is so much valuable information here, and Elisha has done an absolutely amazing job putting this together.

As an equine chiropractor I get asked a lot about supplements and nutritional recommendations to help their horses further and I feel the information I’ve learned in this course is definitely the answer.

I’m so excited to start applying everything I’ve learned so I can start helping all my clients horses as well as my own.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an equine professional or just have horses for fun, if you prefer a natural approach to horse health care you will benefit from this course.

Worth every penny!

Brittni F.

I can’t recommend Healing Horses Their Way by Elisha Edwards highly enough! The course is packed full of information and is thoughtfully delivered in such a way that makes it easy for anyone from the beginner horse owner to the equine professional to understand and apply.

Abby Last

Certified equine massage therapist

If you feel like you have tried everything, then it is time to take a different approach.

Horses understand and respond to their natural world better than any other domestic animal. And for this reason, the best and first approach to their health care should always be a natural and non-invasive one, with drugs and surgery being the alternative.

A well selected holistic health program will always promote health and longevity by identifying and addressing the underlying cause.

If you are a horse owner or practitioner that knows there is more to healing horses than just addressing their symptoms, then you also know that the holistic model must consider every aspect of their health care. This includes, diet, nutrition, lifestyle, stress management, hoof care, and emotions.  

Once you have a deeper understanding of how the equine body works and what the natural horse needs for optimum health and wellness – for the body, mind and spirit – you can start to apply the right combination of diet, nutrition and natural medicines to get them there, naturally.


In Healing Horses Their Way, you are going to learn how to do this.

This program will teach you how to formulate and customize programs to get specific results no matter the horses condition, age, breed or discipline.


Learn how to feed your horse to not only maintain wellness but how to promote good health in unwell horses. By understanding how to customize feed programs based on each horse’s individual needs you will be able to help them feel their best no matter their age, breed or activity level.

Natural Medicine

Herbal remedies, homeopathic medicines and flower essences are an essential part of every horse health program. Initiate your horses healing journey by expanding your knowledge of medicinal plants and homeopathic remedies. Finding the right combination of remedies will not only promote normal organ function but it will help balance their emotions too.

Therapeutic Nutrition

Understand the properties, roles and therapeutic benefits of each nutrient so you can use them to resolve a variety of horse health conditions. Be able to recognize deficiencies, select the right nutrients and determine dosages for each individual horse.


Detoxification is one of the biggest factors to consider when you are trying to get sick horses well again. Understand how to recognize the source of toxicity so you can address it with the right combination of diet, nutrients and herbs.

We have always known that the key to bringing horses optimum health care is through education. Therefore, any mission that sets out to resolve disease, stress, or unwellness for the horses has to involve their people. And this course does just that. Elisha has built a high quality and comprehensive product to provide you all with cutting edge information and concrete solutions based on trusted results. And I can tell you that she is more than qualified to do so because she is my daughter. She has equipped herself with exceptional qualifications, a high degree of knowledge, on-going research, and a passion for horses that is second to none. I am proud to see her carry the torch forward to meet the demands of the gazillion horse-lovers out there who are looking to learn from an experienced holistic health and nutrition expert who is at the forefront of natural horse health care.

Marijke van de Water, B.Sc., DHMS, Equine Health & Nutrition Specialist

Founder, formulator, and CEO, Riva’s Remedies

The knowledge and insight that Elisha shares with people empowers them to help their own horses in ways that actually work! Every time we are together, I learn so much more about how to use holistic methods to heal horses. Now with this course, I am excited to have Elisha’s support and expertise in the palm of my hand whenever I need some guidance!

Jessica F., Certified Member of the American Hoof Association

Owner/Operator of Free Rein Horsemanship and Barefoot Horse Canada

Do you have horses in your life that need safe, effective and long-term solutions?

Don’t just wish you could do more, learn how to do more.

In this 15-week program we will discuss all aspects of horse health care. We will cover a variety of common equine health conditions and you will learn how to select the most effective natural therapies to address them.

Do you have horses in your life that need safe, effective and long-term solutions?

Don’t just wish you could do more, learn how to do more.

In this 15-week program we will discuss all aspects of horse health care. We will cover a variety of common equine health conditions and you will learn how to select the most effective natural therapies to address them.

As the owner of a thoroughbred farm for the past 26 years of my 38 years in the racing industry I have had to deal with many an unwell racehorse. 

My knowledge and ability to address these issues in a holistic way was pivotal to their recovery. Elisha is a master at teaching the horse owner how to incorporate these methods into their equine health care plan and her courses should be the next piece to every horse owners’ natural horse healing journey. The ability to properly and accurately assess the root of the problem and treat them with medicine made from the earth is nothing short of empowering.

How I wish I had these resources in my tool box when I started using natural medicine for my horses all those years ago.

Karen M.

Retired owner/operator Can-A-Mex Farms

I loved this course because it is packed full with information that I can access for a lifetime, it is practical, it is presented in small increments, and it is given in video form with visuals (slideshow) just the way I learn! Thank you Elisha, I can’t give you enough praise for putting this incredible course together and for following the path that Marijke started. My horses and other animals thank you for this too, as they are the ones that truly benefit from all this information!

Conny H.

Here’s what you’ll learn

(click on the + symbol to read more about each module!)

Module 1: The Holistic Horse

The concept of holistic health care for horses will be introduced and applied to equine wellness, dis-ease and recovery. Topics will include the healing layers, common healing trends and what to expect during their journey to good health.

Module 2: Basic Anatomy and Physiology

The first step to holistic health care starts with knowing how the equine body works. This module is going to give you a basic understanding of all the equine body systems including the digestive, urinary, endocrine, respiratory, circulatory, and the musculoskeletal system. The structure and function of each organ will be discussed as well as how they all work together to sustain normal body function.

Module 3: How to Feed the Natural Horse for Optimum Health

This module will discuss the horse’s diet. We will establish the connection between a healthy diet and normal equine body function. We will start to explore how their anatomical design determines the way they should be fed for optimum health and wellness. We will take an in-depth look at all the macronutrients in the horses’ diet including fiber, grains, protein, and fats.

Examples of feed programs will be provided for a variety of different horses including, easy keepers, hard keepers, performance horses and senior horses.

Module 4: Therapeutic Nutrition for Optimum Health

The distinction will be made between daily nutrient requirements and using therapeutic nutrition to resolve health conditions. We will talk about a wide range of micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. We will discuss each nutrient and their role in the equine body, how to recognize signs of deficiency and how to select the correct dosages.

A thorough comparison between organic and inorganic vitamins and minerals will be presented with an explanation of how the different forms impact absorption and efficacy.

Module 5: Understanding Herbal Medicines

Herbal medicine is an important part of the natural horse’s health program. The medicinal properties, nutritional value, actions and practical applications of several individual herbs will be investigated and discussed.

In this module, you will learn how to select, combine and supplement herbs based on the affected organ and body system. Relevant examples will also be presented.

Module 6: Effective Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathy is a highly specialized method of natural healing based on the “law of similars”. This module will provide a comprehensive overview of what homeopathy is, how it works and how to know when to use it. You will learn how to choose potencies and dosages as well as how to incorporate homeopathic remedies into your horse’s health program. We will look at some of the most common remedies that have been used successfully for several acute and chronic equine ailments.

Module 7: The Healthy Hoof

Hoof care is one of the most important aspects of holistic horse health. A solid understanding of what a healthy hoof looks like is critical to their health and well-being. We will cover common hoof pathologies, important nutrients for the hoof, and the difference between barefoot and shod horses. We will also discuss how the diet and other body systems impact hoof health.

Module 8: Complete Natural Solutions for Horse Health Conditions

Now it is time to bring it all together. This module will focus on how diet, toxicity, and nutrient deficiencies cause imbalances in the organs and body systems and how these factors ultimately lead to health problems.

Over 30 equine health conditions will be discussed including colic, parasites, ulcers, leaky gut, respiratory conditions, skin problems, insulin resistance, Cushing’s, and laminitis.

Underlying causes for each condition will be discussed and I will present and review several natural health programs that have been used successfully to address them.

This module will build on your ability to select the appropriate program for each horse by combining diet, nutrition, herbs and homeopathy.

Module 9: Kinesiology - Take the Guesswork out of the Program

Now that we have covered how to identify organ imbalances, diet intolerances, and the different natural methods available to restore balance, you are going to learn how to use muscle testing to bring it all together.  

Muscle testing or autonomic response testing is a natural therapy that detects imbalances in the energy field.  It serves as an essential tool to assess body function and health status. This module is going to teach you a 5-step method of muscle testing called “The Marijke Method” that will enable you to apply everything you have learned in Modules 1 -8.

This module will walk you through the entire process of identifying imbalanced organs, sources of toxicity, diet intolerances and then correcting them with a combination of diet, nutrients and natural medicine. The system is based on decades of success cases and, when used correctly, provides you with a complete roadmap to good health.

This module will give you access to live demonstration videos that show you how to implement each step of the process as well as a complete downloadable workbook that you will use to guide you through each step and record your findings.

Who will this training benefit?

Horse Lovers


Barn Managers


Hoof Care Specialists


Elisha brings so much to the table with her presentation skills, honesty, laughter and definitely her knowledge and experience.  So much fun to learn with her, she is so approachable and has great listening skills.

Looking forward to future workshops, the online courses and having fun !

Thank you all again for an incredible opportunity to learn so much.

Rosemary M., Rose View Farm

I cannot say enough about the course Elisha has put together for equine nutrition! I took part in the VIP program and it was so extensive and jam packed full of information. Definitely received every penny worth!! I am excited to work with the course information, incorporating it more into my practice as an equine bodyworker. Huge kudos to you Elisha for such a comprehensive look at equine nutrition and homeopathic remedies.

Kim K.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this training only for practitioners?

No! This is a training for ALL horse lovers – whether you’re a practitioner, barn manager, trainer, hoof care specialist, competitor or just love the horses in your life… This training will give you a comprehensive overview of how to care for your horses, and how to resolve a variety of health conditions, naturally.

Do I get instant access?

The Introductory and Intermediate levels of Healing Horses Their Way will receive instant access to all modules upon purchase. The VIP program is designed as a live program and the content is released over 15 weeks so that participants can go through the program together, receive support via our private Facebook group and from the 4 live group calls.

As the VIP is a live course, do I need to schedule a particular time every week?

No! The course material in the VIP program will be delivered over our 15 weeks together. The material is all online and available to you via our private site. The group calls will be scheduled once the course begins and will be recorded for those who cannot attend. You can submit questions either directly in the Facebook group or via email if you’d like them to be included in a group call but are unable to attend.

How much time will the training take?

There are presentation style videos for each module. You will also find worksheets and additional resources to support you in implementing the material you are learning. While the VIP program is held live over 15 weeks, all levels of the training receive lifetime access so you may choose to go as quickly or as slowly as you like, depending on your other commitments.

Do you offer additional support?

Yes! If you would like a consultation or to go over the material in more depth, I offer discounted rates to participants in the VIP program.

What is your refund policy?

For the Introductory and Intermediate levels, you receive instant access to all the modules and therefore, there is a “no refund” policy on these two levels.

For the VIP level, you will have 14 days from the start of the live program to request a refund. The request must be made via email to support@elishaedwards.com on or before the 14th day. We cannot honor refund requests after the allotted time period.

This information is also included in our Terms and Conditions.

Is this a certificate program?

Yes, for the VIP level, participants will receive a certificate upon completion of all modules, attendance at the live event, submission of 3 case studies and passing the quizzes in each module.