Healing Horses, Naturally

with Elisha

Why learn about natural horse health?

The more we know about what our horses need to feel good, the more we can help them when they don’t. Understanding how diet, nutrition and natural remedies can work for your horse presents options when you don’t think you have any.  The key to good horse health starts with you.

Meet Willy

He was my once-in-a-lifetime horse that every girl dreamed about. He was willing, kind, athletic, and way more tolerant than I ever gave him credit for. Unfortunately, in the early 90’s we didn’t know much about natural health options for our horses. We didn’t understand what horses needed to be healthy or what caused them to be unhealthy.

So, when Willy’s health started to break down with hoof, skin, and immune problems, my Mom and I did what everyone else did. We continued to feed commercial grains, we used shoes, wedges, and pads; a lot of sprays and creams, and anything else we were told to do including vaccines. But we soon learned that not only was this approach not working but it was actually making him worse. It was at this point that we knew there must be a better way. We changed his diet, started using herbs and supplements, we took off his shoes and turned him into a natural horse. It wasn’t long after this that we started to get big results.

Willy passed at the age of 23 and I still think about him all the time. I deeply regret not listening sooner when his body started to communicate to us. But like many horse owners even today, we just didn’t know any better at the time.


Hi, I'm Elisha

I am an animal lover, health consultant, scientist and educator. I am passionate about delivering safe and effective health care to all animals but horses and dogs have a special place in my heart. I believe that through education and awareness of natural animal health we can drastically improve their quality of life and longevity. I invite you to join me on my quest to make the world a better place for all of them.


Here’s what I believe:

I have seen so many horses with seemingly impossible health conditions that have been resolved so easily with the right combination of diet, nutrition and natural remedies. In many cases, it is not the health condition that prevents the horse from recovering, it is the lack of education, resources and options that are available.

Convenient online learning

Healing Horses Their Way is my signature online training program for both horse lovers and practitioners. Learn how to use diet, nutrition and natural medicine to help horses of all ages, breeds and disciplines reach optimal health and wellness.

1:1 Consulting

I offer one-on-one holistic health consultations for both horses and dogs. Book a consult to receive a complete natural health program customized precisely for their individual health needs.

Upcoming events

I am regularly asked to host workshops and speak at events. Both locally in Canada and internationally. Click below to find out about my upcoming engagements or find out how to book me.

What People Are Saying

“The well-being of an animal is a total package, more than just hoof care, bodywork and exercise; nutrition is a huge part of a horse’s ability to feel their best and perform optimally.  Since taking the course I have been able to help many animals get on a better path, improving their quality of life. Elisha is excellent at presenting a lot information in a way that is easily understandable regardless of learning style.  She is very pleasant and is able to keep people engaged during her teaching, she creates a comfortable learning environment for all participants.” Thank you

~Natalie Z. Ontario, Canada

“As the owner of a thoroughbred farm for the past 26 years of my 38 years in the racing industry I have had to deal with many a unwell racehorse. 

Over the years I continued to build on my knowledge of implementing diet, assessing nutrient deficiencies/requirements, and using herbs and homeopathy to treat them naturally. My knowledge and ability to address these issues in a holistic way was pivotal to their recovery. Elisha is a master at teaching the horse owner how to incorporate these methods into their equine health care plan and her courses should be the next piece to every horse owners natural horse healing journey. The ability to properly and accurately assess the root of the problem and treat them with medicine made from the earth is nothing short of empowering. How I wish I had these resources in my tool box when I started using natural medicine for my horses all those years ago.”

Karen M. (British Columbia, Canada)

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