1:1 Consulting

1:1 Consulting

Elisha’s offer comprehensive health assessments for horses who are challenged by chronic or more complex health conditions including Equine Metabolic Syndrome, laminitis, long-term joint or hoof pain, unsoundness, digestive conditions, fatigue, poor performance, immune disorders, allergies, hormone imbalances, skin conditions, and/or respiratory problems. Emotional and behavioural problems are also addressed.
A health assessment includes a full evaluation and determines those factors that are affecting your horse’s health. Issues may include food allergies/intolerances, nutritional deficiencies, poor organ function, toxicity, lifestyle problems, and emotional imbalances. Once the causes have been identified, an individual and corrective health program is formulated and may include diet and nutrition changes, herbal and homeopathic medicines, horse-keeping practices and intuitive communications.
Elisha performs these health assessments based on her vast knowledge of natural horse health and extensive experience helping horses recover from a variety of different health challenges.
She is the creator of the online course Healing Horses Their Way and Resolving Equine Metabolic Syndrome Naturally, and she also leads an exclusive membership where she mentors program graduates to expand their knowledge of natural horse health and hone their skills as natural horse healers.

To conduct her assessment by distance, Elisha uses a customized method of autonomic response testing to assess and improve health status. This method takes the guesswork out of formulating an effective holistic program and allows her to evaluate organ function, sources of toxicity, diet requirements, and nutritional deficiencies.

Fee: $199.95 (includes tax)

I am the voice for a herd of 16 horses between the ages of 9 and 34 years old. I also rehab injured horses and work with their owners to help their horses become the best they can be. I take this responsibility very seriously and for years I have been searching for answers to questions that kept haunting me about their health and well being.

It has always been important to me that I approach my horse’s health care in a natural and holistic way because I know that it promotes permanent solutions for long-term health and wellness. The hardest part was finding the information and resources to do it effectively. Everything that Elisha practices we have applied to my 16-horse herd. They are living proof that this approach works. The information you will learn from her will undoubtedly change the way you think about horse health care and it will also give you the tools to approach a wide range of health issues, naturally. Your horses will thank you!

Karen G.

Owner/Operator, Rock n’ Deuce Arena