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If you would like to schedule me to speak at an event or facilitate a workshop near you please fill out the form below to check availability and price. Please include dates, location and topics of interest.

Topics to choose from include, The Equine Diet, Understanding the Structure and Function of Horse Organs and Body Systems, Healing Common Equine Conditions with Nutritional Therapy, The Benefits of using Herbs for Equine Health Conditions, Homeopathy for Horses, Healing Horses with Applied Kinesiology and Equine Metabolic Syndrome.

Elisha brings so much to the table with her presentation skills, honesty, laughter and definitely her knowledge and experience.  So much fun to learn with her, she is so approachable and has great listening skills.

Looking forward to future workshops, the online courses and having fun !

Thank you all again for an incredible opportunity to learn so much.

Rosemary M., Rose View Farm

I cannot say enough about the course Elisha has put together for equine nutrition! I took part in the VIP program and it was so extensive and jam packed full of information. Definitely received every penny worth!! I am excited to work with the course information, incorporating it more into my practice as an equine bodyworker. Huge kudos to you Elisha for such a comprehensive look at equine nutrition and homeopathic remedies.

Kim K.

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