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Here are the details:

This live event is designed exclusively for students that completed the Healing Horses Their Way Online course. This event will give you a wonderful opportunity to practice formulating natural programs for different horses using the “Marijke Method” as presented in module 9.

I will spend Friday night providing everyone with the details and itinerary for the weekend. I will review some of the common obstacles that students run into and I will also address any questions that students may have from the online portion of the course. We will finish it off with a meet and greet so we can all get to know each other better.

On Saturday you are going to work through each of the muscle testing steps on your assigned demo horse. We will explore and discuss each step at length so everyone gets more comfortable navigating their way through the process. We will establish how all of the weak organ points are connected to each other, to the horses history, and to the signs and symptoms presented by the horse. An emphasis will be placed on identifying correct healing layers as well as determining the underlying causes that are contributing to each weak organ point.  We are also going to advance the method slightly by assessing any sources of toxicity that may be contributing to organ weakness. We will then complete steps 2 – 4 to formulate a complete program using diet, nutrition, and natural medicine.

Sunday is going to be very hands-on. You are going to move forward with everything you have learned from Day 1 and apply it. You will be provided with as many horses to work on as time allows for (with discussion included) and I will give you the opportunity to work on some of your own horses as well which we will then discuss as a group.

We will be doing a lot of exercises to help you strengthen your intuition so that you can use your knowledge to you validate your results.

To be great healers we have to be open, connected and coherent with each other and with the horses we are working on so I am going to be building a lot of meditation and energy clearing into our schedule throughout the weekend. This will help you strengthen your intuition and fully trust in the process.  An introduction to animal communication will also be included!

Directions and a what-to-bring list will be sent to you in the coming days. I can’t wait to see you there!

Each day is going to build on the one before so you should plan on attending for the whole 2.5 days.

✅ Dates: October4-6
✅ It will be held in Airdrie, Alberta at a beautiful heated facility.
Horses will by provided for us (no hauling in)
The location is 25 minutes from the Calgary airport.
Accommodations are close by.
Dinner will be provided on Friday night. Breakfast and lunch will be provided both days.
The course will start on the Friday evening around 4 pm and will run all day Saturday and Sunday.
COST: $495 (not including tax)


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