In Part 1: Ben’s Physical Transformation, I gave you a detailed account of how we guided Ben through the physical part of his healing journey.

Six months and two consultations later, Ben went from being a metabolic easy-keeper with sore feet, to a healthy horse that was shiny, lean, and pain-free.

But Ben still had some emotional imbalances that we needed to address….

Over the past eight years, Ben had been cared for, provided for and loved. But still, he had never come out of his shell. Even though he appeared to be content, he lacked the same enthusiasm and zest for life that his other herd mates had. For this reason, we knew that Ben still had some healing to do.

Ben’s emotional imbalances included:

  • Melancholy
  • Low self-esteem
  • Being self-conscious
  • Low confidence
  • Disinterested in human companionship

The starting point

We were pretty sure Ben’s imbalances stemmed from Ben’s past experiences as a performance horse. In his previous life he was only ever valued for what he could do, not for who he was. Yet, deep down he desperately wanted to have a person that respected and recognized him as his true self.

Ben not only needed to be seen, heard, and validated but he also needed to believe in himself. He needed to FEEL like he was amazing inside and out. I knew that the best way to give him that experience was to start building his confidence.

Now we just had to get him interested in something

In order for Ben to start getting more enthusiastic about his life, I also knew that he had to release the unhealthy emotions that had been weighing him down all these years.

Ben’s unhealthy emotions were consuming him

All emotions are forms of energy. There are high vibe emotions like joy, love, and happiness that contribute to health, vitality, and expansion.  And there are low vibe emotions such as fear, grief, and sadness that draw on a horse’s ability to heal, connect, and create.

So, to help Ben heal his emotional body we first had to help him release all of the old, unhealthy emotions that weren’t serving him anymore.

To accomplish this, I chose to use Flower Essence Therapy with him. In my experience, it is one of the most effective ways to help horses cleanse old emotions.

What is Flower Essence Therapy?

Flower essences are liquid extracts made from flowers that are used to clear specific emotions.

How do they work?

Flower essences are vibrational in nature and are made by diluting flowers or garden blossoms. They are similar to homeopathic remedies, but they specifically work to address emotional issues. Each essence is chosen based on it’s ability to resolve a specific emotion. When the right flower essence is matched to the vibration of the emotion you are trying to clear, it will signal the release of that emotion.

Ben’s emotional wellness program

To select the most appropriate flower essences to help Ben, I used the same 4-step method of kinesiology as I did for his physical health program. This helped me to identify the emotions closest to the surface and it also helped me determine the best flower essences to correct them.

Ben’s flower essence program included:

Love-lies Bleeding –

This remedy is for souls that experience depression or melancholy as the result of physical or emotional pain and suffering. These horses will often be withdrawn and unable to connect. This remedy helps them move beyond their emotional imbalances so they can reach out to others.

Wild Oat –

This remedy is for souls that are confused or uncertain about their life path. These horses desire a higher purpose in their lives and are in search of their true calling. This remedy is also beneficial for horses with a history of alienation, isolation or exploitation.

These essences described Ben’s state of being perfectly so I knew that we had the right ones for him.

Progress report: three-month check-in

Shortly after Ben started his remedies, his life started to change. A couple months after he started his flower essences, he got the opportunity to try something new.

Ben’s owners decided to practice roping on him. They had roped on him a few years before, but they were never really impressed by Ben’s performance.

Now that Ben looked and felt so much better, they wanted to give him another chance.

After just a couple of practice runs, Ben completely blew them away. Pretty soon Ben was even roping without a bridle!!

Not too bad for a horse who had barely roped before…

This was precisely the experience that Ben needed to start building his confidence. His rider trusted him to lead, perform, and do his job, and that was enough to make Ben’s heart feel a little bit fuller.

We noticed a difference in Ben’s state-of-being almost immediately. He walked with more purpose, he held his head a little higher, and he started to engage with humans more readily.

The spark had been lit inside of him for the first time in his life.

Ben gets the opportunity of a lifetime

Almost a year-and-a-half after Ben started his healing journey, he was a different horse inside and out.

And then the unimaginable happened…

A family friend named Sadie, was getting ready to compete at the Canadian Finals Rodeo (CFR) in Red Deer, Alberta for the Canadian Junior Rodeo Queen title.

Sadie had come over for a lesson one day and decided to try him out. She liked how he felt, and immediately felt a connection.

Sadie rode him a few more times and realized that Ben was the right man for the job. So she asked him if he would like to compete with her for the Canadian Miss Junior Rodeo Queen title!!

Of course, Ben said YES!!

Ben hadn’t competed for nine years and he hadn’t even been off the property for six. So, performing in that kind of environment was going to be a pretty big deal for him. But everyone trusted him to do the job.

To win the junior rodeo queen title, Sadie had to pass several elements including speaking, modelling, and horsemanship.

For the horsemanship category, Sadie and Ben would have to carry the flag and practice their wave at a gallop, and ride a pattern.

Neither one of them had done horsemanship before, and they only had four practice sessions together before they had to compete. But that wasn’t going to stop Ben! So off they went!

Ben completes his transformation

He did it!

After a series of flawless performances, Sadie and Ben won the Canadian Junior Rodeo Queen title at the 2019 CFR!

Here’s Ben bringing it home! (turn up the volume and grab a tissue) 


For all of us that knew Ben before his transformation almost two years before, his outstanding performance brought us all to tears. His heart was finally full and so was ours.

Ben now carried himself with pride and dignity. His energy field was big, his heart was open, and he was connected. He was unrecognizable.

Ben’s physical and emotional healing journey was now complete. He had never felt better, looked better or moved better in his life…and he was finally a champion!


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