I love stories about people transforming horses’ lives with diet and natural medicine. And here is a story that illustrates just that. Joey’s story was sent to me by one of my students in the Healing Horses Their Way program. Here is Susanna’s account of how she helped guide a horse named Joey from poor health as a rescue to a full recovery.

Hi Elisha,

I wanted to share Joey’s story!

Joey as a rescue

Joey as a starving rescue

Joey is 14-years old, stands 17 hands tall and has the heart of a lion. He originally came from a fancy dressage stable in Mission B.C. His mother was a purebred Thoroughbred and his father was a purebred Trakehner.

He was rescued and adopted by his current owners from Lytton, BC where he had been left to starve for five years on a rock surface with barely any forage.

Joey’s new owners found our facility, Morgan Creek Equestrian Centre Ltd. online and contacted us about boarding Joey and his herd-mate Bambino, a cremello coloured QH.

Joey’s owners came for an interview and within hours asked if they could bring both Joey and Bambino to us. They loved our hands-on personal care and large pastures. They arrived in October 2019.

Later, when they thought of selling Bambino, my sister and I purchased him so that Joey didn’t have to endure the stress of losing his long-time friend and herd-mate.

Then in December 2019 Joey developed a sinus infection in his left nostril. The amount of mucous and discharge was alarming, and it was interfering with his breathing and exercise too.

horse sinus infection

unilateral sinus infection

His first course of treatment was six rounds of antibiotics. However, six bottles and two months later, Joey was still battling his infection. The antibiotics weren’t working.

I started your VIP course, Healing Horses Their Way, in Feb 2020 so as I was learning about new and better ways to help horses with nutrients, herbs, and homeopathy I thought maybe I could apply what I was  learning to Joey.

Once I realized that Joey wasn’t responding from the vet’s course of treatment, I encouraged his owners to try a homeopathic preparation that I learned about in the course. It was a liquid spray to administer orally called Infection Drops from Riva’s Remedies.

horse recovery from sinus infection

Joey after the infection was resolved

The combination of homeopathic remedies includes Lachesis, Hepar Sulph, Mercurious V., and Silicea; all of which work to address infections and mucus discharges.

Joey’s owners were skeptical at first, but they took a leap of faith.

We gave Joey his first dose of the Infection Drops in April and within 4 DAYS after battling this sinus infection for four months, the heavy discharge had cleared up and the INFECTION WAS COMPLETELY GONE!

After learning so much about the equine diet and natural remedies in your course, I also formulated a more complete diet and supplement program for Joey. His new diet has more fibre and protein to help add healthy calories, improve his nutrition and strengthen his immunity.

Another area of Joey’s health I wanted to address was hooves and inflammation. Joey arrived with a big abscess that blew through his hoof wall. Then in April after an aggressive trim and cantering him around a crusher dust track with a poor fitting saddle, he became very sore, especially on his front hooves.

I used a blend of herbs for hoof circulation and inflammation called Happy Foot, a homeopathic combination for inflammation called Injur-Ease, and I added the Circu+Plus for tissue repair.

This combination of remedies resolved his hoof pain within days. The stiffness was gone, and he was walking, trotting and ripping around the pasture like a racehorse!

Joey looking and feeling healthier!

The results are unbelievable and amazing!

Joey looks and feels so much better. He has gained weight, his inflammation has gone down, his immunity has improved, and his energy levels are wonderful now.  He has always had the energy of a 3 yr old TB even when he was thin but now he is a force to be reckoned with! Joey has the spirit to live and is a true survivor!

The natural remedies in your program work. They HEALED JOEY!!!

Thank you for everything. I am a true believer in your course and what I learned inside it.  I am thankful to have so many more tools to help my horses.

Forever loyal to you ladies and everything you do!

Susanna C.

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