There are many different approaches to health care around the world developed from different belief systems. However, there are two fundamental belief systems that have governed our approach to treating disease for thousands of years. Every culture in the world has centered their approach to finding cures around these beliefs. They are the foundation of our entire medical system.  And, as you’ll see below each belief or philosophy has led to a different cure.

Your philosophy of medicine determines the cureYour philosophy of medicine determines the cure

Each opposing belief or philosophy was created to explain the nature of our physical existence. They each attempt to answer one pivotal question.

Who are we and how do our bodies work?

One philosophy says that we are what we see in the three-dimensional world. We are like machines and our bodies are nothing more than a series of biochemical reactions that function to keep us alive. The only way to cure disease then, is to manipulate our chemistry or physically remove the disease by cutting it out. This belief system is largely based on the germ theory.

The second philosophy believes that there is more to our existence than our physical bodies. It says that every living organism has a vital force with an innate physical intelligence. And this is what serves as the blueprint for good health. The vital force or energy is what instructs the 37 trillion cells in the human body to perform the thousands of bodily functions every second of the day.

Therefore, this belief system states that the best way to cure disease is to support and work with this intelligence so that it may heal the body as nature intended.

What do you believe?

Let’s take a closer look at the fundamental principle that guides each belief system so that you can better understand what is driving your health care decisions when it comes to you, your family, your pets, and your horses.

  1. The Law of Opposites

This is the philosophy of Western Medicine. It first originated in primitive times when little was known or understood about disease, how the body worked or how substances worked inside the body. There were few options available at that time, so the primary focus was to end suffering and alleviate symptoms. To accomplish this, cures were sought that had an opposite and reactionary effect on symptoms and expressions of disease.

This belief does not acknowledge the vital force or natural intelligence of the body. It arrives at cures through observation alone. As such, this principle doesn’t recognize or respect the body’s natural healing ability.

Instead, it attempts to destroy disease by any means necessary even if it causes harm by defying the natural laws that sustain life. This system of medicine has been responsible for several barbaric practices throughout history including electric shock therapy, crude drugs, and bloodletting with leaches. Some opponents refer to it as crowbar medicine.

Today, the application of the law of opposites is widespread throughout western medicine for both humans and animals. Examples include cutting the body open to remove the disease or the use of powerful and often dangerous chemicals to alter the natural chemical pathways.

The fundamental action of this law is to suppress or remove disease to provide relief.

2. Law of Similars

The primary mode of action of the law of Similars is focused on supporting the body’s natural processes to eliminate disease and restore health.

This philosophy encompasses a holistic approach and recognizes the body’s natural ability to heal. It is based on the premise that a substance capable of causing a disease is also able to cure it. This phenomenon was how homeopathic medicines were created; it was observed that those substances that caused disease could also cure disease in its diluted state.

The law of Similars was first established by Hippocrates, the father of medicine thousands of years ago, however it didn’t gain the philosophy of medicines determine the curepopularity until the emergence of homeopathy in the late 1800’s. It was at this time that Dr. Samuel Hahnemann started to test thousands of different substances and record their effects on the body.

The belief behind this fundamental principle recognizes there is an essence or spirit within the human which constitutes the whole being. It acknowledges the body’s vital force and the natural physical intelligence which governs all functions.

The industry of cures

These two approaches have been adopted by cultures all over the world and they have led to the harvesting, production and manufacturing of every medicinal substance known to man including:

  • Pharmaceutical drugs
  • Herbs and medicinal plants
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Homeopathic remedies

So, which health care system is the best choice?

Despite the long-standing battle over which paradigm is the “right” one, both systems have value. Western medicine excels in emergency treatment and acute clinical care. And the model of natural or holistic health care excels in treating the whole body, particularly in chronic and long-term diseases.

Mainstream medicine continues to dominate in North America, not because science has proven it to be better or more effective, but because the science doesn’t exist yet to explore and understand the true nature of the living organism. And what science can’t test, they ignore or dismiss as pseudo-science.

But, as the study of quantum science evolves including quantum mechanics, epigenetics, neuroplasticity, and quantum biology, our understanding of who we really are and how our bodies work will also evolve. Thus, with more insight and technological advances, our philosophies will change and so will the cures.

As it stands today, the four largest therapies in the world that are recognized by the World Health Organization are: Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Western medicine, and Herbal Medicine.

I leave you with this

“The direction of old-fashioned medicine is like pulling a cat up a hill by the tail; whereas, the treatment that is mild, gentle and permanent, flows with the stream, scarcely producing a ripple; it adjusts the internal disorder and the outermost of man returns to order.”         – Dr. James Kent (Homeopathic Physician)

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